This 3-Month meal planning, monitoring, and coaching program includes the following features:

  • Bio-Energetic Plan based on your unique protein, carbohydrate, and lipid requirements
  • Integration of ergogenic dietary supplement ingredients, such as carnitine, whey protein, and creatine.
  • Real-Time plan modifications, as needed to adapt to changes in training demands or competition schedule, for example, carbohydrate loading.  
  • Nutritional plans are based on your DNA, meals, and considers your metabolism, food intolerances, and dietary deficiencies.   
  • Meal plans and shopping cart lists can be easily accessed via mobile or computer devices, making it convenient to view your goals, plans, and recipes at any time.   
  • Healthful food snacks and supplements are recommended to complement your diet and nutritional program.


The prerequisite for participating in this program is to complete a DNA Health Exam.  Upon completing your order, you will receive a welcome email with instructions for beginning your plan.  The welcome email will include a link to an on-line nutritional questionnaire.  This questionnaire, in conjunction with your DNA data, will be used to design your nutritional plan.       

Elite Performance Nutritional Program

Price Options
Nutritional Plan
Pay for this program over 3-months
$99.00monthly/ 3 months