John Hogin Lovelace

CEO & Founder

John is a passionate, established, and highly valued industry business strategist and visionary.  John has worked serving numerous industries, including the financial services industry, legal, technology, and logistics industry, but no sector is in more need of change than the healthcare industry.  Therefore, John is driven to provide an affordable full-service holistic health services company, and Elite Epigenetics will tower above others as the prime example of a system for revitalizing and maintaining optimum health based on a person’s cells.  While Elite’s services are geared toward the science of athletic performance, anyone can benefit from our program.   


Prior to Elite Epigenetics, John has been involved in the product development of an allergy testing platform.  Through this enterprise, John uncovered the value of epigenetic testing to reveal, with just a few strands of hair, the health and nutritional intolerances of a person.  John realized the value of this type of technology and how it could easily change health outcomes for people.  This revelation drove John to expand service offerings utilizing this technology.  John then acquired My Epigenetics, an epigenetics health testing company.  After a few months of running this business, John realized that its technology was limited, and the business had many barriers restricting its growth and success.  John then devised a plan to source a quality experienced team and start Elite Epigenetics.


Over the past five years, John has become a pioneer in the epigenetic personalized health industry and is passionate to continue pushing the envelope in advancing quantum epigenetic health.