Dr. Vincent L. Henderson, DC, ART, ACC.

Medical Director, Partner


My journey to where I am now would not be possible without my experience as a world-class 100-meter sprinter.  I was blessed and fortunate enough to run one of the fastest times in the world in 1997 of 9.95secs in the 100 meters.  At that time, I was the 17th fastest human ever at that distance.  I was also blessed that my career ended at 28 years old due to an ankle injury that I never recovered from.  I say blessed because it forced me to shift gears into Chiropractic, wellness, and Nutrition.  Thru all the pain that comes with a career that you love coming to an end abruptly, the blessings of all that work, and experiences were right in front of me.  My ability to run at that level gave me a unique view of therapies, nutrition, and sports medicine.  This has allowed me to achieve success in the Chiropractic field as well as help countless young athletes in my 15 years as a therapist.  I continue this quest to help athletes compete to their highest potential naturally thru Epigenetics and DNA testing and nutritional support.



Bachelors in Business Administration University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Doctor of Chiropractic, Texas Chiropractic College Pasadena, TX Dec. 2004

Certified ART Practitioner

 FIT Institute Certification in Functional Integrated Needling for Sports Injury Management



145 Hour Acupuncture Certification * Nutrition * ART Certification * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome * X-ray (120 hours) * Post Injury Rehabilitation * Impairment Rating * Vestibular Therapy * Whiplash and Trauma * Balance Disorders * Pain Management * Spinal Decompression * Fitness Symposium FIT Institute Certified in Functional Integrated Needling for Pain Management.


Current Team Chiropractic Texas A&M Track & Field for past 15 years * Fibromyalgia * YMCA * Nutrition * It's Your Future, Be There Healthy * Carpal Tunnel * Performance * Balance Disorders * Arthritis * Dizziness * Osteoporosis * Back Pain * Spinal Decompression.


In addition to providing care to many of the area's local student-athletes and coaches, Dr. Henderson has also treated many other professional and amateur athletes. Dr. Henderson also has personally coached professional track and field athletes, Quanera Hayes---US 400 meter champion (49.74 Sec) and Demtris Pinder---400 meters (44.69 sec) World champion from the Bahamas.


9 Time All American in 100 & 200 meters while at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, World University Games Double Gold Medalist 100M and 4x100M in Sicily, US Olympic Festival Gold Medalist 100M Colorado Springs, CO., Member of USA Men’s 4 x 100M relay team Athens, Greece 1997.  Best 100M Performances, 9.95 Sec 100Meters, 20.17 secs 200 Meters. I Competed professionally for 6 years on the European Circuit representing the United States, Asics Shoes, and Oakley Sunglasses.

9 time NCAA Champion as Team Chiropractor for Texas A&M in the past 15 years.