• Uncover the complete bio physiology of your body for optimizing your athletic performance

  • Identify markers for optimal values of testosterone, estrogen, lactic acid threshold, ATP capacity, with an analysis of essential amino acids and hydration levels

  • Analyzes inflammatory markers, fatigue factors, and gut health that has a direct impact on athletic performance

  • Includes a detailed list of nutritional deficiencies, and the top 50 foods and supplements your body needs.

  • Testing Method: DNA Epigenetics

  • Sample Collection Method: Hair

  • Receive Results Online Within 24-Hours Of Our Lab Receiving Your Sample

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Elite Athlete Epigenetic Report    


Corporate Group Rates Are Available.  We accept HSA/FSA Payments


People Experiencing Any Of the Following Symptoms

  • Amateur & Professional Athletes

  • Feeling Tired and Fatigue

  • Problems Managing Weight

  • Restless Poor Quality Sleep

  • Difficulty Recovering After a Workout

  • Gut Problems / Feeling Bloated

  • Persistent Muscle Pain

  • Delayed Response Time

  • Unusual Muscle Weakness

  • Dizziness During Exercise

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Discomfort After Eating

  • Recurring Headaches

  • Joint Pain & Swelling

  • Persistent Inflammation